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MeiboVueTM Design Concept

With the prevalence of electronic devices, more and more people have developed dry eye symptoms.

It is known that one of the main causes of dry eye is meibomian glands dysfunction. In this situation, MeiboVueTM is developed to offer high quality meibomian gland imaging solution.

Its compact design enable clinicians to carry it anywhere and check patient’s meibomian glands condition conveniently.

Wireless Connection

MeiboVueTM applies high tech Wi-Fi technology to transfer live video stream with smartphone app wirelessly. User can preview and capture meibomian glands images on VisuDoc™ app easily.

Meibo Tel.jpeg
Meibo Base.png

High Quality Meibomian Gland Image

With our excellent image processing technology, MeiboVueTM could provide high quality meibomian glands images to help clinicians check patient’s MGD situation.

quadro meibo.jpg

Compact Design

The handful size enables MeiboVueTM to be used either handheld or on a table top chin rest.

Clinicians can carry it to check patients at home visit or in rural areas.

Anti-Shaking Camera

MeiboVueTM applies G-sensor to compensate the subtle shake when clinicians taking photo. In this way, the image can be stablized when being captured.

Anti Shaking.jpeg

Low Power Alarm

When the MeiboVueTM has low voltage, the power light will flicker to remind user to recharge power. With one-time full power charge, the device can be used for 3 hours.

USB Type-C Recharging Port

USB type-C recharging way will provide a more convenient way for power recharge. It only takes 2hours to fully recharge MeiboVueTM. 


Local/Cloud Data Storage

VisuDocTM provides two data storage options: local or cloud. Users can either store all patient information and image data on local PC with Windows VisuDocTM or store on their own cloud server.

Audio and Text Record

The clinicians can record their diagnostic opinions by text or audio in the app.

Examination Report Print

Clinicians can print  medical examination report with diagnostic descriptions in PDF and share it with patient or colleagues for further medical consultation.

Image Management App VisuDoc™

VisuScience® has also developed an excellent image management app VisuDoc™ to capture and manage all patients’ meibomian gland image cases.


The intuitive user interface enables clinicians to quickly capture and save images in patient cases.

visudoc tel.jpeg
visudoc tel.jpeg

Schedule Online Demonstration 

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