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iRelief TM Design Concept

iReliefTM is a smart eye mask designed to providing heating comfort to the eyes.

It works by connecting eye mask with power bank or computer or any other power source.

It can relieve eye fatigue and discomfort caused by dry eye or other eye problems. It can also accelerate the blood circulation around the eye to improve black eye circle conditions.

There is a removable sheet on the eye mask for user to clean and keep hygiene.

The sheet is machine washable and dryable. 

Variable Heating Temperature with Smart control

iReliefTM provides 3 optional heating temperatures to meet different comfort demands.

The heating time is 12 minutes for all 3 options. When the 12 minutes’ heating SPA is finished, it will automatically stop working and be switched off in one hour.

temp irelief.jpeg

FlexStripTM Fits Face Better

FlexStrip™ is innovatively designed and applied in the nose bridge area of the iRelief™ eye mask.

FlexStrip™ is adjustable according to the nose shape to make the iRelief™ eye mask better fit on the face.

Better fit provides better beating effect at the eye lid area.

High Quality Material in Each Layer

Each layer of the eye mask is made up with high quality materials to ensure comfortable and safe wearing experience.

High End Package Design

VisuScience provides a zipper bag to hold the eye mask when not being used. 

User Testimonial 


"I was looking for a more effective treatment for dry eye condition and I found Visuscience eye mask. I suffer this condition every day and since I’m using the mask I feel an improve in the eye dry sensation.

The mask is easy to use even in the office hours cause it can be conected to your PC to make it warm, so you can use it when your eye need more.

I’m very satisfied whit my purchase. Big relief! "


Anita Amthauer

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