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QuikVue Plus Design Concept

It is well acknowledged that imaging is playing a more and more important role in ophthalmology diagnosis.

QuikVuePlus is a smartphone adaptor designed especially for anterior segment imaging.

It provides 10x magnification which meets the basic eye examination demand for, general practitioners, pediatricians, veterinarians, etc.

The specially designed optical lens enables QuikVue Plus to capture clear anterior images for primary eye care examination and telemedicine.

White and Blue Illumination

QuikVue Plus provides both white and blue illumination respectively.

The white LED projects warm white light which is similar to slit lamp’s halogen illumination.

There are two levels of white illumination available to meet different brightness demand during examination.

The blue illumination can be used to capture fluorescein images to assist diagnosis with corneal staining and contact lens fitting, etc.

Integrated Yellow Filter

QuikVue Plus is equipped with an integrated yellow filter.

The flipable yellow filter making it easy for clinicians to take enhanced fluorescein images with cobalt blue illumination.

This function is especially useful in lens fitting, cornea ulcer imaging, tear film break up time examination, etc.

yellow filter.jpeg

Smartphone Compatibility

Thanks to the air cushion design, QuikVue Plus is able to attach on most of the phones in the market firmly.

Clinicians need to align QuikVue Plus lens with smartphone’s main camera.

The requirements for the main camera location is as below:

Working Application

QuikVue plus can work with smartphone default camera app or VisuScience developed VisuDoc ophthalmic case management app. VisuDoc can be downloaded from both App store and Google play store. 

Power Management

QuikVue Plus applies mini Li-ion rechargeable battery. It can be recharged through a Type C cable.

There is one light indicator next to the Type C charging port. When the power recharging is finished, the indicator light will turn from blue to green.

The switch button has blue light on when working normally. If the power is low, the light will flicker to remind clinicians to do recharge.

Image Showcase

Click here to see more images captured by QuikVueTM . 

Testimonial for QuikVueTM

“Your product is great and I have using it since with my patients...


Needless to say, it is quite helpful in showing and explaining to patients in a far easier way the condition and showing also the improvement when it comes to corneal infections for example...”

Pathological Images Captured by Dr. Hesham Mahmoud Eissa

Contact lens related corneal infection before empirical fortified eye drops treatment, notice the size of the ulcer stained with green 

Same case after one week of treatment

showing decrease in ulcer size

Same case after one week of treatment 
photo with blue filter

Clinical User Feedback from UK Moorfields Hospital Doctors

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